Brugmansia 'Lemon Joy' - Hybrid Angel Trumpet Plant

Brugmansia 'Lemon Joy' - Hybrid Angel Trumpet Plant

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Hybrid Angel Trumpet Brugmansia 'Lemon Joy', a 2019 introduction by Sommer Gardens. Brugmansia 'Lemon Joy' has single bright yellow blooms with curly corolla teeth. As the blooms mature...

Hybrid Angel Trumpet Brugmansia 'Lemon Joy', a 2019 introduction by Sommer Gardens. Brugmansia 'Lemon Joy' has single bright yellow blooms with curly corolla teeth. As the blooms mature they sometimes take on a golden yellow color.

Thank you for visiting Sommer Gardens online store. Please don't be alarmed when you see so many listings labeled "Sold Out". In most cases that cultivar may only be available in limited quantities at this time. We have a large selection of brugmansia cultivars currently in production, so check back often as the inventory changes weekly. Make sure to watch for beautiful new Sommer Gardens cultivars scheduled to be released throughout the year.


Sommer Gardens offers one of the largest selections of hybrid brugmansia plants available anywhere. Besides offering our own introductions, we have a great mix of imports along with many of the tried and true classics.

Out of respect for other brugmansia hybridizers, we do not propagate for resale their newly introduced cultivars. We encourage you to contact other hybridizers directly for information on availability of their cultivars.

If you propagate brugmansia for resale and are purchasing new Sommer Gardens cultivar introductions (2017-2018 releases) to propagate and resell, we encourage you to support and respect our hybridizing work, rather than financially capitalize on it, and at least wait a couple of years before bringing our newest cultivars to market. We’ll have plenty on inventory on hand to meet demand during this introductory period. This will allow you to enjoy its beauty, monitor and observe its growth in your climate, and even use it in your hybridizing program.

We are a licensed and inspected Florida nursery so you can be assured that the plants you receive are vigorous, well established, and healthy.

Check back often as our inventory changes frequently, especially during the active growing season. Many cultivars are only grown in small quantites and are available for a limited time.


When it comes to brugmansia, there is nothing more exciting than growing out brugmansia from seed. Most brugmansia do not grow true to seed so each plant is unique and the blooms may or may resemble the parents. Growing brugmansia froms seeds is easy and growing instructions are provided with each order.

Sommer Gardens will have limited fresh 2018 seeds available due to our winter freeze. Seeds from our 2016-17 fall and winter hybridizing program are available in limited quantities and many are one fo a kind. While we do not ship plants internationally, we ship seeds all over the world. Please contact us for a list of currently available seed crosses.


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